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Imirarrea lui Qasem Soleimani doar praf in ochi!

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Imirarrea lui Qasem Soleimani doar praf in ochi! Empty Imirarrea lui Qasem Soleimani doar praf in ochi!

Mesaj  Ghita_Bizonu' Mier Ian 08, 2020 10:24 am

Azi , 8 ianuareie 2020 polcovnicul Vladimir Vladimirovici Putin . cu ocupatia preseinte al Rusiei , va inaugura conducta Turkis  Stream.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin will visit Turkey, where we will personally start the gas pipeline “Turkish stream”. About it reports a press-service of the Kremlin.

The ceremony will be held on January 8. The President also will hold talks with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Politicians are planning to discuss the issues of further development of cooperation and topical international agenda, including the situation in Syria and Libya.


Imirarrea lui Qasem Soleimani doar praf in ochi! File:Turkish_Stream

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will host Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Wednesday to inaugurate a new gas pipeline, with tensions in Libya and Syria also on the agenda.

Putin arrived late on Tuesday after paying a surprise visit to Syria -- his first to Damascus since the war began -- at a moment of acute uncertainty in the Middle East following the assassination of top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani by the United States.

Russia's leader will seek to boost his credentials as a regional powerbroker at the symbolic opening of the TurkStream pipeline, which brings Russian gas to Turkey and southern Europe via the Black Sea.

TurkStream and the Nord Stream pipelines under the Baltic allow Russia to increase gas supplies to Europe without having to rely on Ukraine.

But Moscow's increasing domination of European energy markets has worried the US, which last month sanctioned firms working on TurkStream and the almost completed Nord Stream 2.

The ceremony in Istanbul, due to start at 1200 GMT, reflects a dramatic improvement in ties between Russia and Turkey -- two countries seemingly on the verge of war less than five years ago after Turkey shot down a Russian jet.


Binenteles cei 2 presedinti vor discuta si despre Siria, Libia si ce incurcatzele mai facu in zona Unchiu Sam cu joaca sa de-a cowboii si indienii .

Dar isi mai aduce careva aminte de Nabucco? Gazoductu' nu opera!! Asta trebuia sa fie:
Imirarrea lui Qasem Soleimani doar praf in ochi! 1100px-Nabucco_Gas_Pipeline-en.svg

Si sa zic asa stiti care e marea difernta intre Nabucco si Turkish Stream ?
Nabucco avea girul american!!!

Asa ca uciderea pasadaranului aluia .. e , in felul ei, o frasuiala care ascunde un esec politic major.

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